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Outside of Society

Where I wanna be

Nakashima Suzaku
6 March
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Name: Nakashima Suzaku
Age: 19
Hair: Blonde, red bangs
Eyes: Lilac
Height: 175.26 (5'9)
Weight: 54.4 (120 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Date of Birth: March 6th
Known Relatives: His father, Nakashima Iwao
Grade: 1st Year University
School: Tokyo University
Aspiration: To become a businessman
Occupation: Student
Pets A Hyacinth Macaw, named Murugu

Roommate: None
Apartment: 5C


Suzaku was born into privilege. His father was a wealthy businessman, and his mother was a stay-at-home housewife, ever the dutiful mother and marital partner to her husband. She doted on Suzaku, but his father preferred a sterner upbringing. Suzaku’s father was always emotionally distant with the boy, expecting that when his son grew up he would become a business major and take over his father’s corporation after him, as was proper for a son of his. Suzaku had been the only son born, his birth difficult, leaving his mother unable to have another child. His father had his heir, and cared little else for having more, and that was fine with his mother as well.

When his mother died, the little “princeling” was under his father’s full control and all coddling stopped the day after she was gone. The mourning period for Suzaku would be considered over then. His father remarried 6 months later, and now he even has a baby sister...but as rarely as he sees his father, he has yet to bother to learn more about her. The child wasn’t important, except as a sick sort of fascination. Suzaku’s stepmother keeps her daughter from Suzaku.

Suzaku has a cold nature, a manipulative personality. People are useful as long as he can find a way to amuse himself at their expense. Despite his angelic appearance, Suzaku has a known (to his secretary and friends at least) cruel streak, and a love for causing other’s pain. It fascinates him. How people react under pressure, how they act when things are not in their favor. Suzaku can fight, and while his build is rather slim, he’s got the muscles hidden under that flesh to protect himself. He just prefers to let others do the work for him. That’s a grunt’s job, after all. Not to say that Suzaku won’t fight if need be, or even if he –wants– to. He just prefers not to dirty himself to get what he wants. He would hate to be called a thug...even if that is precisely what he is. The very act of seeing others in pain amuses him. He’d probably hurt a kitten.

Suzaku grew up attending private school; nothing but the best for the son of the great Nakashima Iwao. Suzaku took to the training it provided him, and at the same time enriched a great love for music....his own at least. When in leisure time, Suzaku likes to indulge in the flute. He can even sing...but he doesn’t. It’s not an important thing, not a tool he can use to manipulate others. Moving to Tokyo at his father’s decree, he’s rather unhappily taken an apartment at the Katsu building, feeling it beneath his status to mingle with such commoners.

Perhaps though....the building will be a good place to learn more about the world. After all, he’s to take over after his father...

Partners in Evil: Akasuna Sasori and Nakashima Suzaku